The Calloway family has been running Orchestras for nearly 100 years.  This History page just begins to scratch the surface.  It is always growing.  And you can help it grow, by submitting your stories, corrections, and images of right here to!

If you've got a story you would like to add, you can do so at the bottom of the "Calloway Timeline" page, which gives a condensed Calloway history.

If you'd like to see what things looked like back in the day, check the "Historic Photos" page.  But be warned it is the biggest single collection of Calloway Photos on the net and takes a while to load just the thumbnail images!

There is also a comprehensive listing of all Cab Calloway recordings , and a very large listing of all the musicians who played in the various historic Calloway ensembles.

Last but not least, we have included a copy of all of the listings in the "Hepsters Dictionary of Jive".