The Cab Calloway Harlem Renaissance Center -- is a

    •   Performing Arts Center

    •   Museum

    •   Public Charter High School


Our Goals

 1. To operate as a thriving tourist Gateway to Harlem for NYC’s nearly 40 million annual visitors.

 2. To exemplify a world-class, community-oriented educational center for living arts with its 300-student high school and group and individual lessons for the community in jazz music and dance, digital media, drama, and fine arts.

 3. To increase worldwide recognition of the Harlem Renaissance and the effect it has had on American civilization.

What it does 

Shall function as the spot where sightseers, students, and scholars can experience, learn from, and contribute to one of the  most significant continuing cultural phenomenon of the 20th century—The Harlem Renaissance.

The Cab Calloway Harlem Renaissance Center will focus on the singular and powerful impact of the Harlem Renaissance upon the past, present, and future development of American culture. 

 It will operate as a unique and potent combination Performing Arts Center, Museum, and public, charter High School, concentrating especially on jazz, jazz-related dance, multi-media technology, fashion, language, literature, drama, and fine arts.

 This distinctive configuration of services will enable the Calloway Center to be the premier tourist Gateway to Harlem and an exemplary world-class, community-oriented educational center for living arts.


Cab Calloway & Harlem The Renaissance

 Cab Calloway was a prime founder and mover connected with the music, dance, dress, language, folklore, humor, values, and attitude of the Harlem Renaissance.  Through his mastery of the mass media of his day, Calloway showed us a non-judgmental, consistent, and genuine love of human life and living.

 Cab Calloway, like the Harlem Renaissance, transcended racial, ethnic, educational, cultural, and class distinctions.  He was able to reach out and appeal expansively to America and around the world, surpassing limitations and roadblocks, while remaining optimistic about our destiny and not ignoring the truth.      

Program Highlights

1. Performing Arts Center

500-seat auditorium, home of the Cab Calloway Orchestra, performance venue for Jazz music, Swing, Tap, Hip-Hop and Jazz dance, films, plays, lectures, fashion shows.

2. Museum

Highly interactive multi-media museum of Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance.

3. Education and Learning

On-site, charter high school, undergraduate and graduate programs of jazz culture study, annual Harlem Renaissance Conference, master classes and residencies, open public classes in music, dance, video, audio, drama, and fine arts.

4. Community Outreach

Travelling performances to schools and community organizations, host community-sponsored events, active membership in community organizations.

5. Multi-Media Production Center

Digital video and audio for use by students, visitors, and artists-in-residence.

6. Website

Webcasts of performances, access to musical and oral archives, virtual online museum, chat, bulletin board, and sales.

7. Museum Shop

Jazz-related merchandise, fine arts and crafts produced by Harlem residents, souvenirs, and memorabilia, on-site and online.

8. Café/Restaurant

On-site quality soul food and other American cuisine, lunch, dinner, and snacks

9. Partnerships in Process

Smithsonian Institution, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, Apple Computer, New York Charter School Resource Center, Eubie Blake Cultural Center (Baltimore), Charlie Parker Foundation (Kansas City), New Orleans Jazz Dance Festival.


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Contact Information

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